God Wars This is apart of the God Wars series.

Tomb of Isis
Terrain Type

Desert tomb to the Najari God Isis

Native Races


Occupied by


The Tomb of Isis is a tomb in the Najari Desert.

Isis suddenly pops up in front of you.

I, Isis, sees that you accept your mission. Here's what to summon Council God Pandora: Find Pandora's Box and bring it here; I will increase your magic level to 500 long enough to use a forbidden sealing spell called Chaos Unleash; then, Pandora will come and help conquer all of the universe with me! Buahahahaha! But, the Pandora's Box is hidden somewhere in the world since Vulca and Necrome the Great stole it from Pandora 5 years ago. You will also find clues across the world to help you find it. The first clue: Go to the land where few knows but search you might you will not find it under the portal above the city. Now go and find the box before Vulca does!


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