The temple of Maul is located deep within the bronze mountain because the Passage of light was blessed by Maul to be a free land. Maul placed this temple within the path because it will symbolize the blessings he gave. Here in this temple is located the Spear of Maul: Gringys. They name the temple the temple of eternal rest for those who dare venture into the dungeons never come back. Legend have it the temple was cursed shortly after it was blessed to have creatures in the dungeon for they took a witch named Regras into the dungeon for practicing witchcraft on a sacred site. Ever since it has been cursed.


If you wish to draw a map, please do so. Just remember these guidelines:

  • It must have at least 30 rooms
  • It must have at least the dungeon and the first floor

If you draw the map, we would be grateful.

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