Sarandanon plains
Terrain Type

dry, grassy lands

Native Races

wolves, lions, gazelles, trolls, Roks

Immigrated Races


Occupied by

Nomad tribes

The Saradanon plainsEdit

Isolated numbers of tribes wander the Sarandanon prairie land, chasing the oxen and wild sprucelings cross the land. Many hunters and gatherers populate in ephemeral towns and makeshift fortresses, yet few remain for more than a day or two. Though they may be scattered and temporal, they have formed great warrior cultures, each great in strength, the groups of nomads called the Danons and the Sarans. Those who consider themselves Horse Masters and practitioners of an age-old secret art of reining are called the Danons, they who would speak an old tongue that not even the Gods would know and dance strange dances, celebrating forgotten holidays for the sake of tradition. As open as the Danons are, however, the Sarans are as elusive and reclusive to be opposite. They are reknowned for their secrets, which have been kept for millenia and have not been devulged, but also not forgotten. The Sarans have seen no warfare in three thousand years, but their warfare was fierce nonetheless. It was from their hands that spilled the blood of old nations, from them did the world tremble when they sought to conquer all. Now, they remain hidden, a peaceful tribe who remains out of sight and out of mind. The prairie lands are bordered by the elven capital of Arborlon to the east, the humans to the south east in their sequestered city-states, and the city of Bloras to the north in the Roktar canyon.

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