Salazar Bleuar Gryst III, son of Rudolfus Gryst VI, lord of Grystania, from 67-38 TT, is the most praised man in the world for he was able to tame the mighty Beast of Gryst and has slain Salin the horrid. He is also praised for uniting Grystania and restoring it to its original peace


Salazar Gryst is a man whose ambitions brought him to a greater solution than before. He was born in St. Galadar to Mistress Lucinda Gryst on the year of 83 TT and was declared the new king shortly after. Salazar grew up and at age five, he was kidnapped by the Sorceress of Cryptic Forest. After being kidnapped, he was raised in the arts of Sorcery and was brought up under the name of "Redsparrow" for his birth mark of which looked like a sparrow. Salazar was a very kind person in his youth and was released from the Sorceress after receiving the Tome of Shadows of which held the secrets of Demonika and how to use demons to do your bidding. Salazar was at first rejected as king, but as he proved himself worthy, he reclaimed the throne in the name of his ancestors. Salazar was able to appease dead souls and bring peace of mind to himself. Afterwards he was able to perform feats thought impossible by the people and gained their favor. Salazar finally became what many called a "Bryant" after the name of Lord Ghedor Bryant of the house of Uedor. Salazar was able to attain such a rare title because of his courage, his strength and his wits. Salazar was also crowned ruler of the city state of Redurantia because of his doing of saving the city-state from the Mourdland empire.At first he was rejected by the people, scorned at by the royals and was an outcast in other worlds. Suddenly he kills a great beast of which has troubled Grystania for some time and suddenly he became king. Salazar was also able to write stories and Tomes for the world to read. After his 36th birthday, he finished his greatest book, the Ghedor Grimoire. Salazar finally accomplished what no king has ever accomplished before.

As an NPCEdit

This character is a NPC and cannot be played as a character or claimed.
Salazar Gryst III
Game Related Information




ClassHigh Sorcerer

Ghedor Grimoire, 23,000 gold

Biographical Information

Grystania/Cryptic Forest



Physical description


Sub Race






Hair color

Black Smooth, long Straight

skin color

White, almost pale

Eye color

Maroon Yellow

Personal Information

Grystania, Redurantia, Avaria


Mourdland, Gleptori Forest


Supreme Sorcerer

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