Roktar Canyon


Terrain Type

Dry, Red rocks, Water, steep

Native Races


Immigrated Races

Human, Gnome, Dwarves

Occupied by

King Roktar XXVII

Roktar Canyon, the depths of the unknown, plundered by the Roktarii who roam with careless wonder, seeking a home of which they can call their own. Here they construct great stone cities and cathedrals, remnants of their knowledge of their homeland across the oceans, which is tattered and sparse. They bring with them their scripture passed down from the lineage of Roktarii Royals, claiming the title of their race and bearing responsibility for their entire race. Here deep in the canyon, the Roktarii uncover great and tumultuous secrets of history, passages of time unknown, weird and unusual to the time it is dated.

The sun beats over the western trails, the deep river of red, Patheoras, runs through here and it is here that the Roktarii densely gather, to drink of the the water and to be able to perform their rituals of sanctifications. The light slowly disappates Eastward, towards the darker corners of the canyon where many secrets remain desolute. Here the Roktarii gather in tribes, hiding in the crags of old ruins and new constructs of red rock. Here they study the history of the valley with great interest.

The Cthon reaches, the caverns that sprawl underneath and throughout the canyon, is devoid of light and reeks of the dead. There the darkness has been cursed by the Gods and by the Roktarii who claim that the devils wander therein.

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