This page is all about the RPG Arena Wiki.

Hail and well met!Edit

RPG Arena is a wiki for playing role-playing games. Users can create their characters on the wiki, and then use them to participate in one or more of the rolepaying games taking place on the wiki. The first setting will be medieval fantasy. More settings will be added as the wiki grows. I hope you enjoy your time here! If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to post them on my talk page.

The BasicsEdit

If you're wondering what an RPG is (no it's not a rocket propelled grenade) here is a bare-bone idea of what an RPG is:

  1. First off, RPG is short for role-playing game. A role-playing game is a game that generally involves the player creating their own character(s), and embarking on an adventure of some sort.
  2. Now, there are many different types of role-playing games. For example: Medieval, Anime, Futuristic, etc. I would like to encourage any role-players out there to join in and add your own RPG ideas.

Mission StatementEdit

RPG Arena is an online RPG community that will include many types of role-playing games. Medieval, ancient China, Feudal Japan, Anime, Futuristic, you name it. I believe that this will be a fun experience and I hope you will join me in creating a great place to role-play. There are, however, several things we will not tolerate here.

  1. There will be absolutely no pornographic material uploaded, RPG Arena is a kid-friendly environment, and it will be kept that way.
  2. Personal attacks will not be permitted. There will be no attacking of a person's religion, no racist comments, and no blasting other people in general. In other words: Play nice.

Basically as long as you're courteous you'll be fine.

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