Game Related Information
Strength Modifier


Endurance Modifier


Intelligence Modifier


Wisdom Modifier


Agility Modifier


Resistance Modifier


Discipline Modifier


Unique Bonuses

+3 magic, +7 Mp


Psychic Ne'vamore

A psychic is a powerful Person who doesn't use magic, but instead uses what is called Ki or Spiritual energy. They can be Soothsayers or fortunetellers, but they can use techniques rare to a human. Their Life force is drained when doing so. When a Psychic becomes a warrior then they become a Psien or Warrior of the mind. When the become thieves and petty run down fortune tellers, they become gypsies. When they slay demons with their powers, they become a demon slayer, but they must also become akin to the world of magic. When they believe in a deity, they become a Priest with a special power called a Kiest (Kee-st). Sometimes when they become so powerful, they become an elder.

Starting ItemsEdit

They start with the weapon, Chain.

They start if they coose to be a Psychic in Roktar Canyon and they start training with Master Bui

They start if they choose to become a Psien in the Mourdlands And they start training with General Lue

They start if they choose to be a Gypsy in the Giryn Caravan And they start training with Mistress Rea

They start if they choose to become a Kiest in the Temple of Solitude in the Bronze Rock Mountains and they start training with the high priest Yei

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