These were used in the wars of the corrupt

Potions are items to heal your wounds and give you extra magic. Most of these are common, but some of them are rare. Some of these can only be bought at specific locations for a specific price. Others can be bought all over. Here they are

Hp potionsEdit

heal potion: is used all over. Hp restoration-10

Minor healing potion: used all over. Hp restoration-30

Major healing potion: used only in specific countries. Hp restoration-50

Blessed potion: used only in holy places. Hp restoration-20 for 5 rounds

Revitalization potion: used only in the armies. Hp restoration-120 for 3 rounds

Mp potionsEdit

Mana potion: used all over. Mp restoration-10

Minor mana potion: used all over. Mp restoration-20

Major mana potion: used all over. Mp restoration-40

Aether potion: used in specific places. Mp restoration-50

Mana roots potion: used only in holy places. Mp restoration-70

Elven potion: Used only in the elven kingdoms. Mp restoration-100

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