King Angdorn
"Hail adventurer! You have the look of a warrior about you. I suppose you've come to join the Paladin Order? Well, I have a quest for you then.

Quest "I need you to investigate rumors of a vampire den in the nearby Greywater Cave. I must warn you though, one of my men has already gone missing on this case. It is very likely that the cave is crawling with something deadly."

Entering Greywater CaveEdit

You enter the cave through an opening in the rock face. As you step into the murky entryway a feeling of foreboding washes over you. You freeze, listening cautiously and an eerie whisper makes your blood run cold. "Enter and die mortal...enter and feed us..."

Terror in the DeepEdit

The air around you grows even colder, so that it's almost overwhelming, and the voice comes again. "Do you really believe the words you speak? Or do you simply seek to scare us?" a black silhouette reminiscent of a shadow appears before you, it's red yes glare into yours.


You tell off the evil spirit, but you're just full of yourself. "Fool, now you shall leave this world!"

The spirit kills you... Death

Shadow's FlightEdit

The shadow disappears, the air around you warms, and the voice is no more. You move on deeper, and deeper squinting in the darkness. At last you find a Paladin lying nearby, judging his wounds he wont last long. He beckons you closer "Take this...message...King..." he gasps, holding out a paper to you. With that, he dies. You take the message and return to Angdorn.


Angdor takes the report and reads it carefully, his face grave. "You have done well, but this news is...Unsettling. Tell me, did you encounter that spirit adventurer?"
You tell him what happened...
"You showed a very great amount of faith in facing that creature; you would be more than welcome amongst our ranks."


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