This character is a NPC and cannot be played as a character or claimed.

Offgrim Azugurot was the founder of the Chaos Legion. Some say he is a council god.


Some whisper about how he came from the Chaos moon, some say he came from Demonika. But most say he was the pure creation of Chaos himself and was sent to do his bidding. Offgrim formed the Chaos legion to complete great and horrible tasks that would bring Ticova to its knees. Maul doesn't favor this man and so Lucinia is completely obliverous of this man. As it is, the churches turn their heads when he's near, they curse him to feel the wrath of Eniri as she destroys this world. Offgrim still favors himself and Chaos, but he wanted more. Offgrim decided to try and form his own country, but he failed at creating Nemesia.

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