Oakhold was once the central of trade in the Karrstynn Forest. As well as one of the greatest Elven stronghold, equipped with the most advance technology of it's time. Oakhold was enchanted with many offensive spells as well as many defensive spells to ensure it would remain safe throughout the many sieges it would encounter. Even though it would seem Oakhold was an invincible stronghold of power the Minotaurs and Minotaur lords of Karrstynn Forest managed to forever destroy this great stronghold.


It is unknown to every one (except the Minotaur Elder) how exactly the minotaurs brought down the great elven stronghold Oakhold, many of modern days' great elven mages have theories. There are many different existing theories although, the most agreed upon is the Great Minotaur Theory. The Great Minotaur theory states that the first Minotaur Elder was born during this period and was the one who brought down Oakhold.

Modern Day OakholdEdit

In modern day Oakhold is in ruins from the minotaur sieges. It is not very much visited for the fact of the many wild animals and renegade minotaurs that call Oakhold home.

Quests involving OakholdEdit

Excavating Oakhold

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