Guild information

King Joran Helessen

  • Royalty
    • King/Queen
    • (Prince/Princess)
    • Noble
  • Knights
    • Knight
    • Squire
    • Page
  • Military Officer ranks
    • General
    • 2 Star General
    • 1 Star General
    • Colonel
    • Major
    • Captain
    • Lieutenant
  • Military Soldier Ranks
    • Sergeant Major
    • Master Sergeant
    • Gunnery Sergeant
    • Staff Sergeant
    • Sergeant
    • Corporal
    • Lance Corporal
    • Private
  • Commoners
    • Commoner
    • Peasant
    • Slave

Tehunia City, Mourdland


General Kennedy Gern



Entrance Edit

You enter the faction and someone comes up to you.

Halt, who are you and what are you doing here?

Explain Edit

You decide to explain yourself.

I would like to join Mourdland.

He says:

Good. We need more men in this kingdom. Follow me for your quest.

Follow him

Member Edit

You tell him that you are a member of the Mourdland.

Kill him Edit

You kill him. But twenty more guards confront you and shoot you.

Make a run for home.

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