Karrstynn Forest

Eye Color

Brown, orange, blue, grey

Hair Color

Brown, black, grey, white

Average height of male


Average weight of male

645 lbs

Average height of female


Average weight of female

587 lbs


115 - 165 years

Skin Color(s)

Dark brown, tan, pitch black




Large horns, hooves, massive size

General InformationEdit

Minotaurs are, in all likelihood, the mightiest race on the planet. But though they are colossally strong, they are most likely the least intelligent race. Minotaurs developed their first written language around 1,800 years ago. Due to their gigantic size, Minotaurs are also highly uncoordinated, and are susceptible to being out-maneuvered. In past ages the Minotaur Lords of the Karrstynn Forest have waged civil wars among themselves as well as several devastating assaults on the Elven kingdom of Oakhold.

Available ClassesEdit

Minotaurs are limited to the more physical classes. Those available to them are:

Starting WeaponEdit

Minotaurs begin game with this weapon: Minotaur Cleaver.

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