The ruins of the wondrous realm of Merèth

To the far West, beyond all the storms and typhoons, lie a land that the elves originally came from before they went anywhere. Once a land filled with life and beauty, this lush land became a land filled with shadows and darkness. As the elves became corrupted by the visit of Humans, they grew to become what many call them as Ödærns or in Common speech, Creatures of the night. They are also called Ewèls which is elven for Darkened ones. As the Elves retreated from this faithful land, they discovered they cannot take the corrupted with them. They sealed the land with terrible storms and whirlpools all leading to death. Until one day, this land was completely sealed off from this world. That one day happened when the Elven historian Gêrendil discovered the land of Érendar where the High elves retreated to temporarily. As she came there, she found records of the land and decided to use an old elven technique and unseal the land. As she did, the let free the Corrupted ones, the Ewèls to the other stretches of the world. And thus, the corrupted become the Drows, lurkers of the night, hunting downhumans and killing them off one by one.


Terrain Type

Swampy and rocky. Filled with forests.

Native Races


Immigrated Races


Occupied by

Lord Mèthryl of Baladère

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