Mathesulah (Incorrectly spelt as Mathuselah in some historical Documents) is one of the most reknown of Wizards in the world as being the longest living and the wisest of them all. Mathesulah was born 500,000 years ago during the reign of Drasna who conquered the world and challenged the Gods. Mathesulah claims to have witnessed the many disasters brought upon the world by Drasna's uncouthed actions and unchallenged powers. After that, he claims to have been an apprentice to the Legendary Wizard Crowley for a short period of time, learning much from him about the balance and how the world is dependent on Wizards. He then transfers to study in the Sorcerer's Valley where he is taught by the Master Wizard Ullan who taught him many of his arts.

After that, Mathesulah claims to have been familiar to the Empyrean Seat where the Fairies are and has been trained by the Titania Fairy, Queen Mae.

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