Floating castle
Mathaea city


Terrain Type


Native Races

Undead creatures

Immigrated Races


The wind blows from here, to here, and is here. Nothing is moer chilling than the city in the sky.~page 3, verse 7 The Book of the Oracles

The city of the winds, the only city that floats high in the skies. The city has such an interesting history, they couldn't put in any history book. They put the history of the city in The Book of the Oracles. The stories of the city are chilling, but they allowed entrance to those who passes the test of the Emerald forest.


The city is without a doubt a city of wonders. The city sits on Karnak, the floating continent. The city is near the emerald forest and the ruins of Myarth. They say the city was built to control the air traffic with the Skyships.

And it came to pass, the city that was once filled with people, was now in ruins.~page 3, verse 12, The Book of the Oracles

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