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RPG Arena

Good people of wikia, I welcome you to the arena!

RPG Arena is a wiki dedicated to creating a kid-friendly role-playing environment. Feel free to join, make a character or two, add your own RPGs and fantasy races, and most of all: have fun!

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The game has been a bit slow but I'm sure it will speed up....

Recent Changes

Things to come

  • New quests
  • New cities
  • New clans
  • New dungeons


Below are the various locations in RPG Arena. To create a location copy the Location Infobox template, create the article and put it in this section.

Gleptori Forrest

Karrstynn Forest

Dreglar Marsh


Najari Desert

Sarabi Desert

The Bronze Rock Mountains

Polelands of the North

Moonlight Desert


Unknown Lands


Pirate's Cove