The Kolbari Cult is a secret guild created to serve the all mighty demon, Kolbari. The Kolbari Cult have very little information exposed to average people. If a member left the cult, they would be killed by Kolbari assassins. As the Kolbari Cult has taken over some of the underworld for secret guilds, they do not have complete control of the world, but control parts of it.


Entering the cult is not an easy thing to do, The cult itself has many ways of entering, but their most favored among them is the Trial of Tribulation. The Trial of Tribulation takes only seven minutes to complete, but if you do not complete it, you will be let free. You have to take a ring from the statue of the magus which sits behind a wall of magic. The scariest part of the test (also favored) you have to get there. To get there requires skill because you will cross a river of lava, acid pool, and freezing tempuratures. If you succeed you will move onto the rite of entrance which entitles you a member.


The Ranks among these people are simple, If you are new, you are considered pre-apprentice. If you move up a rank, you become the apprentice. As you move up one more, you will see you become a follower, after that, you would become a teacher, then you would become the High teacher, then finally a master of the guild. These are the privileges each rank receives:

PA-Recieves only one privilege: being part of the guild

A-PA privileges, Can also leave the chambers of recognition

F-Receives no other privileges other than being a follower

PT-A privileges, can also leave the Kolbari Cult guild's headquarters

T-PT privileges, can also have an apprentice

PHT-T privileges, can also enter the temple of Kolbari

HT-PHT privileges, can also enter the Kolbari Caverns

PM-HT privileges, can also enter the chamber of the demon

M-PM privileges, can have your own guild building

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