Exodus BlastEdit

Powerful blast that is used seldom by people.

Psi BallEdit

Most common move, all techniques are derived out of this.

Djinn RayEdit

A ray of light that pierces an enemy and destroys their soul.

Kubiyashi RayEdit

A destructive ray that obliverates everything in its path. Very slow technique and requires a lot of timing and perfection.

Anima BlastEdit

A blast that is said to wipe out life completely.

Gutter GunEdit

A bunch of blasts that fire rapidly and explode on touch when it hits something.

Gabek BlastEdit

A super blast that is capable of destroying a large portion of the land.

Ultimate Omega Super move Mach IEdit

The weakest of these super moves, this is capable of destroying a city.

Ultimate Omega Super move Mach IIEdit

The second weakest, this is capable of destroying Three major cities.

Ultimate Omega Super move Mach IIIEdit

The third weakest, this is capable of destroying a country.

Ultimate Omega Super move Mach IVEdit

The third strongest, This is capable of destroying four countries.

Ultimate Omega Super move Mach VEdit

The second strongest, this is capable of destroying a continent.

Ultimate Omega Super move Mach VIEdit

The strongest of them all, this is capable of destroy an entire planet.

Elder Spirit BlastEdit

The strongest psychic move ever, this blast is capable of destroying more than seventeen galaxies if needed.

Psi SwordEdit

A psychic sword that morphs to your bidding.

Battler TorrentEdit

A torrent of psychic energy fists moving towards the enemy and injuring it.

Blood BarrageEdit

A barrage of psy blasts that affects the blood stream only. It could kill a man.

Deadly Assault FusionEdit

A fusion between Blood Barrage and Battler Torrent. It is able to destroy a man's life completely with giving pain.

Deadly Explosion FusionEdit

A fusion between Gabek Blast and Gutter Gun. This is enough to destroy a large portion of land.

Psi LanceEdit

Draining the energy of the other enemy. It is very deadly when used completely.

Paragon RocketEdit

A pefect blast that is in the shape of a rose with seven petals. Cannot explode unless using the technique Perfect Detonation.

Perfect DetonationEdit

Causes the Paragon Rocket to hurdle towards somebody and explode into a thousand petals of explosive energy.

Assault Herculean blastEdit

A powerful blast that is in the shape of an iron.

Energy Hyperion StrikeEdit

A powerful explosion that appears in the shape of a long energy beam.

Energy FlashEdit

A flash of energy that obliverates everything within its range except for the user in the small pocket in the center.

Explosive FlashEdit

A flash that begins as a bright light and ends as a series of explosions.

Faultless Proton BaneEdit

A powerful bomb that is ttached to a person for three years and when they finish those three years, they get blown up.

Lance GrenadeEdit

A grenade that drains a person's power and destroys them completely.

Quark FusionEdit

A fusion between a Lance Grenade and an Energy flash.

Hyperion photon BlastEdit

A powerful blast that detonates after three minutes and can obliverate an island.

Way BlastEdit

A blast that doesn't go vertical and horizontal, but rather just vertical. It starts from the ground up.

Battler WarpingEdit

Transform a battler into a powerful foe with stronger muscles and more Ki.

Energy MorphEdit

Morphs your Ki into a powerful amount. Conserves some to stay alive.

Soul FlashEdit

A flash that is activated by the soul. It is very deadly considering it takes a bit of lifeforce from every plant.

Psychic ChargeEdit

You charge up your energy and detonate it. It takes your life, but destroys a great amount of land.

True Lance Dreaming Brute Explosion psi Dreamer BeamEdit

A beam that destroys something the size of a small village.

Sage BlastEdit

A powerful blast that can destroy anything it wants if your energy is that powerful.

Super Sage BlastEdit

A better version of Sage Blast.

Ultimate Sage BlastEdit

A stronger version of Super Sage Blast.

Flash Sage BlastEdit

The strongest version of Sage Blast

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