Game related information
Weapon Type



+ 20-170


10-70 gold Plus taxes = 20-80 gold

Katanas are mainly held by samurai and ninjas. There are over 5 types of Katanas, which gives this type of weapon an advantage. These are the types:


A small Katana, is mostly used by ninjas. Named after Obori Wakizashi, forger of the seven daggers of Sakari.

Hit points- 20-27


A sword mostly used by ninjas and sometimes by Samurais. It was created by Sasari Ninjato of Tyoka city.

Hit points- 25-37


Considered the shortest of the blades used by Samurais, this blade was made for upclose combat. Created by swordmaker Haikaru Tachi, this is truly a marvel by this man.

Hit points- 35-57


A common Katana, the Nodachi is used mainly by Samurais, but sometimes by ninjas. It was made by one of the Hisaru brothers, Nodachi Hisaru.

Hit points- 53-75


A rarely used blade, this is mainly used for horseback riding, but it rather large. It was made by one of the Hisaru brothers, Kodachi Hisaru. This is seldom at usage by samurais and is never touched by Ninjas.

Hit points- 90-170

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