"Young soldier, I need your assistance in capturing a traitor, a famous general, in fact, who has escaped with a royal artifact, the Sapphire Dagger. Find him, kill him, and return the Dagger to me."


Find the traitor

The SearchEdit

You head to Jagged Spear Cliff. There are a series of cave tunnels that branch off in numerous directions. One tunnel sports a warning sign written in an old language, while another has numerous bones lying on the ground.

Follow the bones into the first tunnel

Ignore the warning, and head into the second tunnel

Bone TunnelEdit

The bones lead to an intersection. One path is lit by torches, while the other is blocked by boulders.

Head further into the maze

Head out of the tunnel

Shadow TunnelEdit

The tunnel is dark and covered in a sap-like substance. A lit intersection reveals a large doorway ahead, with a dark chamber further on.

Continue to the chamber

Escape the tunnel

Confrontation # 1Edit

You find a large, red, dragon-like creature lying in a large cavern. There are stalagmites everywhere, and a large lava stream behind the creature.

Red Dragon

"What are you doing, intruding in my home? You will wish you had not!"

Red Dragon
HP: 900
MP: 435
EXP: 34000
Abilites: Inferno Blast, Magma Clap

Battle RecordsEdit


The Red Dragon falls into the stream, defeated. You see the Sapphire Dagger attached to its leg, and pull it away. A tunnel leading upward seems to be your only escape route.

Head through the Tunnel


The Red Dragon's Inferno Blast is too much for you to handle. You die of dehydration.


Confrontation # 2Edit

A enormous beast fills the chamber, crystal and diamond clusters gathered all around it.

Green Dragon

"How did you find me? What is your purpose?"


Explain yourself

Fight the Green DragonEdit

Green Dragon
HP: 900
MP: 430
EXP: 34000
Abilities: Crystal Toss, Seismic Leap

Battle RecordsEdit


After defeating the dragon, you see the Dagger embedded in a wall. Grabbing it, you head into a connecting tunnel leading upward.



The Green Dragon crushes you with its Seismic Leap. You die.


Make PeaceEdit

"So, you have come for the famed Sapphire Dagger. I had a feeling someone would. The man who was foolish enough to enter with it fell to me, and I have been protecting it ever since. But I believe its return to the Capital is imminant."

He gives you the Dagger.

"My name is Rhash. I am the Ruler of the Earthen Volcano. This tunnel happens to run through it and the Pyran Volcano, my brother Talis' region. We came here because of a sudden disturbance in the Reality Stream that centers here."

He moves toward a weak wall, and smashes it, revealing a tunnel.

"This path leads directly to the surface. Keep walking forward until you reach the exit cave. And make sure that Dagger remains in good hands."

You start to head up, but stop to see Rhash heading through another tunnel. He looks back at you.

"I'm afraid this is the end of our meeting, my friend. No one can know I was here."

He then tosses a large crystal at the ceiling, causing large rocks to smash the chamber's entrances. One in particular covers the opening of your tunnel, leaving the tunnel in darkness.

Continue to the surface

Exiting the TunnelEdit

Light surged out as you exit the tunnel at last. The exit is 600 miles south of the Fortress City of Calnos. After walking for nearly 6 days straight, you finally reach the outskirts. The well-dressed man who assigned you this mission notices you and runs down towards you.

"Oh, you're back! We were starting to lose hope that you wouldn't come back, but now you have returned."

You give him the Sapphire Dagger.

"Wonderful, just wonderful. Well, I can safely say that you certainly have proven yourself. You are now a member of the Inferno Empire! Congratulations!"

You have recieved 340 EXP and a Mysterious Bronze Key!


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