Inferno Empire
Guild information

Grand Phoenix Master William Feran

  • Mystical Military
    • Grand Phoenix Master
    • Phoenix Master
    • Shadow Knight
    • Apprentice
  • Normal Military
    • Grand Admiral
    • Admiral
    • Captain
    • Commander
    • Lieutenant
    • Front-line soldier
      • Spy
      • Medic
      • Blacksmith

Iland Volcanoes

Allied Factions

Jade Legion

Enemy Factions

Dragon Order


Lucas Feran


mostly Humans, very few Elves and Minotaurs


The Inferno Empire is a warrior group capable of controlling the element of fire. They serve under the mighty Phoenix Master, burning villages and hunting the last of the great Dragons. This search has caused a grudge between the Empire and the Dragon Order.


Consisting of Elemental Soldiers and Normal Soldiers, the military is very powerful. A Elemental Soldier would start off as an Apprentice to a Shadow Knight, eventually rising to the rank of Phoenix Master. But to become a Grand Phoenix Master, you must show extreme levels of control and power. There have only been three Grand Masters: Lucas Feran, a unknown Elf Master, and William Feran. The Normal Military was trained in other arts, such as stealth and forging, to make up for their lack of Fire abilities. A newcomer would start on the front lines, working his way up to the rank of Grand Admiral, similar to the aforementioned Grand Phoenix Master.


The fortress is hidden in the center of three interconnected volcanoes, the Iland Volcanoes. This area was discovered by Lucas Feran, who built said large fortress approximately 150 years ago. The lava running underneath the base was filled with pure Elemental Energy that greatly improved Feran's Fire powers.

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