Hyper Doom Destroyer
Game related information
Weapon Type

Doom Weapon/Sword





Restricted to:

Everybody so far.

This weapon is the ultimate weapon; stronger then all other weapons known to mankind. It is a Doom Weapon. It is believed they hid this weapon somewhere in the bronze rock mountains. The weapon was once wielded by the Titan king, Mazaekurla who was feared by even the humans. He was called the behemoth of beasts. His destruction was so destructive, they had to try and seal him up. So what they did was they laid a great trap near his home. After he entered the trap, he forever was controlled by the humans, but humans fought for his powers. The sword was lost to the mountains after losing its powers from the titan. It was also said a tear from the titan fell onto the sword and blessed it with the titans strength. This was then considered the most deadliest of all weapons.It is currently unknown to people whee it really is.

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