Eye Color

Brown, black, yellow, and very rarely blue

Hair Color

Brown, black

Average height of male


Average weight of male

295 lbs

Average height of female


Average weight of female

245 lbs


130 - 145 years

Skin Color(s)

Black, pink




Canine-humanoid structure, long snout, large fangs, very fast and strong

General InformationEdit

Gnolls hail from the white sands of Najari Desert. What they lack in wit, and civil behavior, they make up for in strength and agility. Gnolls were generally feared and hated by the other races on the planet, until gradually they were accepted into modern society about 245 years ago. They developed their first written language nearly 2,000 years ago. When you encounter a Gnoll in battle you better be very strong, or smart; just remember, don’t try to run.

Available ClassesEdit

Starting WeaponEdit

Gnolls begin game with this weapon: Gnoll Halberd.

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