Draconika is the homeland of all dragons, whom consider it to be beautiful, but to others it is a wasteland. The land is filled with dragons who are very skilled at fighting and hunting.

The dragonsEdit

The dragons all live in either volcanoes or caves, but they all are cave-dwellers. The dragons are divided into two groups.

The elemental dragons

The metallic dragons

The dragons are al good, some evil, but they all worship the same god.

The dragon godsEdit

The dragons believe in two gods: Urs and murcha kulpa. They both are considered to be the gods of destruction and beauty. They are the only ones who would care for the dragons.


This land was once a sea called the dragon sea. The volcanoes were once called the islands of fire. Atop the highest volcano, Mt. Urs, there was once a forest that was called the forest of fire because the volcano erupted, but always missed the forest. The forest was usually over 80 degrees.

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