Demonika is the home of the demons and is ruled with an iron fist by Chaos, who has long forgotten his name as has time. The city sits on the foundation of what once was the city of Rervugen, a city holy to the cult of Aristan, a sacred organization under Eniri that practiced secretive arts of feminist sorcery.


In the time of the gods when they were young and Maul was recently ruler over the Gods, Eniri constructed the city of Asurgn, but due to the law of opposition set forth by their predecessor, the darkness, she also constructed the city of Demonika to possess the very meaning of the opposition of light. The city was originally meant to be a home for the opposers and fallen, but later went on to become a famed prison for the souls of the damned who have returned to the source, but forgot their place and thus were sealed in eternal hell. After the construct had been complete and the eerie lights emitting from the place had been seen by mortal eyes, Demonika pulled a coup e'dtat and tried to strike down the gods from their high seat, but all for naught. Maul sealed up Demonika with a mark of Judgement and prevented movement inwards or outwards. The predecessor to the ruling of the city, Nemesis' son, was then sentenced to Mortality in Seda. Being fond of feast, he was given such before he was sent forth to the flames of Seda, the opposition to Ades, the light of heaven. being in such a cruel place, he became marred with burn marks and was forever tormented by the flames of unending hell. In construction, Eniri created Demonika with four levels, each worse that last. The entrance level is known as the Gaet, or the Hall in Opposition of Being. Tortured souls of the dead who have committed sins are commissioned here and are left to rot for eternity until the cycle of rebirth begins again. The second level below is a flaming hot realm of devils, known as the Reach, in opposition to the Realm of Ascendance. Here, the ones who have turned from the gods and rejected the collective is sent to rot away in independence, without support of the gods. Below, in a sea of unending darkness, lie the level of unending sorrows and pains, Redra, in opposition to the Realm of Mercy. Those who have committed the ultimate sin of traitorous acts towards the gods are sent here and are to rot forever. Inside the sea of darkness is a door leading inwards to a place below the ground, below heaven and hell, to an unspeakable place of unspeakable horrors. Seda, the prison of Gods, was constructed by Eniri in opposition to the Realm of The Gods. It is here that Nemesis and his son are imprisoned, forever under total control of Eniri and Maul.

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