Azula tricking people and turning them into foxes after the conquering of Crow hill.

As supreme master of deception and mystery, Azula's many faces are unknown. At once, he remains a beggar, and then transforms into Maul, and at last an Avatar, fooling many sorcerers and summoners who sought the secret ways of the gods, and hiding behind the facade remains a broken spirit, whose conquering has led to misery, melancholy, and destruction. Eniri does not know exactly who he is, for he has not come from the womb of the mother goddess, nor has he been birthed from any of the other gods. Some myths relate that he may be one from beyond the void, some relate he may not exist at all. Other say, most grimly, that he is the end of the Gods themselves, and he would usher an age of insanity after the death of Maul.




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