The Axian Galaxy is the Galaxy that Ticova is in. The Galaxy has irregular features that make it very unique

Black HolesEdit

For some reason, there is no black hole in the center of the galaxy! Instead, it is 789,000 light years away from the centre of the galaxy giving the galaxy a wierd form. The Centre planet is named Ticova VII because it holds many Ticovans and is believed to be the home of the Great Ticovan Descent. The planet itself is very hightech and has no night time. The planet is filled with thousands of military basesw and is home to trillions of people. The planet governs the Galaxy.


The planets of this galaxy are filled with teeming lifeforms in many shapes, but very many are barren wastelands or gas giants. Only a select few are filled with life. Anybody outside the galaxy tends to come in for a safe haven from harboring enemies or they are being hunted. They go to the few planets with life on them.

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