Chao Legion Knight Warlord Kalimarr leading a Beserker Squad into battle
Asgarn Army
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Warlord Kalimarr

The army is the army of Asgarnia. The soldiers are high level warlords and crimelords. The army employes a large variety of creatures, including Drikins.

Employed CreaturesEdit

Military UnitsEdit

Asgarn NavyEdit

The Asgarn Navy are the water ships of the Asgarn Army. Each ship in the Navy is led by a fleet commander.

Berseker SquadEdit

The Berserker Squad is the military unit that attacks first at a battle. The Beserkers include Chaos Drikins, who do considerable damage. A member of the Beserker Squad is Warlord Kalimarr.

8th RegimentEdit

The 8th Regiment is an employment of Glutiny Drikins who speak Ancient Language.

1st LegionEdit

The 1st Legion is a regiment of Beserkers who attack a target from both sides doing much damage and thus weakening the target who would then get beaten down by ground troops. Warlord Kalimarr is the leader of the squad.

Ground TroopsEdit

The Ground Troops are the main unit in the Asgarn Military. They do a "swoop" attack - they attack from all sides of the target after the 1st Legion beats the target up from the left and right.

Shoch TroopsEdit

These troops attack the target multiple times from all troops. Warlord Kalimarr is a shocktrooper. All shock troopers are Elite Drikins or Gamorgas.

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