> Knock on Hermit's door

You knock on the door. Suddenly a vicious Land Khanjadan comes out and attacks you!

Land Khanjadan                 You
HP: 150/150            HP: 100/100
MP: 100/100            MP: 750/750

> Defend with Shield

You defend against the Land Khanjadan's large sword.

> Consult Manual

? Land Khanjadan Weaknesses:The only way to kill a Khanjadan is to drive a dagger into it's stomach where it's heart is.

> Attack with dagger

It worked! You kill the khanjadan like it said in the manual! You gain a level. You are level 2!!!

Suddenly, a clapping hermit comes out of the house.

> Talk to Hermit

"Hello hermit. I was sent here by this piece of parchment."
"Let me see it," the hermit says.

> Give parchment to hermit

You give it to the hermit. He opens it and reads it.

> Inventory

Inventory:"Guide to Ticova (Vol. 2), a dagger, and a key

> Listen to hermit

He says: "Go forward to the fjord on the middle of the island. It looks like a boot."

> Go to fjord

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