> Answer: Is it Rodinia?

Ooh! That is incorrect!

Your score: 0/2

Well, you answered the question, so here's the key.

> Open Box

You open the box. There's nothing in there!

> Look Around

You look and see a note.

> Read note

You read the note. It says: "You have failed the QUEST!"


> Answer: Is it the Unknown Lands


Your score: 2/2

Here is the key to the box in the middle of the room.

> Open Box

Narrator:You open the box. You find a slip of parchment.

> Take parchment

You take it.

> Inventory

Your inventory includes: a slip of parchment and a key.

> Read parchment

It says: "The meaning of life cannot be heard unless you want it to be the end of time. Now go find the Khanjadans!"

> Look Around

You look around. You see a maual called "Guide to Ticova (Vol. 2)".

> Take Manual

You take the manual.

> Inventory

Your inventory:"Guide to Ticova (Vol. 2)", a slip of parchment, and a key.

> Go to Dreglar Marsh

You go to Dreglar Marsh. You do not know why the paper sent you here.

> Look at parchment again

You see a footnote.[1] You should press the up button next to the footnote after you read it.

> Explore

  1. Go to Rodinia.

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