Terrain Type

A walled city with many buildings and the Elven palace, guarded by the Black Watch

Native Races


Immigrated Races


Occupied by


So ancient a race, the elves, that they have founded long since a capital worthy of their appreciation. Deep in the Gleptori Forrest along the Rill Song River, Arborlon awaits as sanctuary and solace from the troubled world of gods and beasts alike. Here the Patriarch Ander Elessedil rules solemnly in his sleep as Dream Lord over the elven forests, so blessing his people with visions and with guidance. His lesser servants in the temples and in the high halls are the Warders, who know of the true magic that runs deep in the elven blood. Thereon rules the Militarialistic Black Watch, who sees to the guarding of the Capital and surrounding regions. Their leaders, The Myriathine Forum, reigns politically and militarialistically. So rules the Elven kingdom of Arborlon to far regions of Gleptori until the river Tyur in the Sarandanon, and to the southern regions by the borders of the river Tryskilias.

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